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Bulb Planting

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At Prince Corporation we offer products and resources that can help you with bulb planting.

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Grass Seed Information

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Prince Corporation offers a wide range of grass seeds for outstanding results. We also offer useful planting tips to ensure your lawn and garden are always at their best.

America’s Favorite Guide to Your Perfect Lawn

America’s Favorite Lawn Seed Product Guide

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Lawn Care & Grass Seed

Cocoa Bean Shells – The Organic Mulch

Information & Tips
Cocoa Mulch, a by-product of the chocolate making process, is called the perfect mulch for your garden, flower beds and roses. Here you can learn the benefits of Cocoa Mulch and how you can use it in your lawn and garden.

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What do the numbers on the fertilizer bags stand for? (10-10-10)
Answer: The first number is the percent of Nitrogen in the bag. The second number is the percent of Phosphorus in the bag. The third number is the percent of Potassium (Pot Ash) in the bag.
Promotes Growth:
Foliage Growth
Promotes Growth:
Root Growth
Pot Ash
Promotes Growth:
Disease Resistance
I think my pH is too high or low - what should I do?

Answer: To raise pH level use a lime product. To lower pH level use soil sulfur. To determine pH level use a soil test kit.

Suggested Solutions

VPG – Hi-Yield Soil Sulfur (#433685)

OTHER – Pelletized Lime (#054304), Granulated Lime (#002691), Test Kits (#060652,

#060654, #060649), Test Meter (#06059)

Now that winter is over, I have yellow spots in my lawn?

Answer: This could be due to dog or salt damage. We recommend raking spots and removing dead debris and then rake in seed and new lawn starter, water, keep moist.

Suggested Solutions
OTHER – Great Lakes Gypsum (#002693) or Nutrasoft Pelletized Gypsum (#054305)

My lawn is a yellowish green color and I want it to be green?

Answer: Your lawn most likely needs micro nutrients, like iron. We also recommend not cutting grass too short.

Suggested Solutions
VPG – Ferti-lome Lawn Food plus Iron (#400755, #400760) or
Ferti-lome Chelated Liquid Iron (#400625, #400630)
ORGANIC/NATURAL – Milorganite (#002899)

It's impossible to kill weeds like Creeping Charlie!

Answer: We have products available through the independent garden centers that are better than any product available through the mass merchant. They will perform!

VPG – Ferti-lome Weed Free Zone products (#400523, #400524,
#400526. RTs #400527), Weed Free Zone plus Fertilizer (#400930)
BONIDE – Weed BeatUltra RTS (#087307)

I want to seed a new lawn or overseed portions of my lawn.

Answer: Work the soil up clear of stones and debris, rake in lawn seed and new lawnstarter fertilizer, then water.

Suggested Solutions
VPG – Ferti-lome New Lawn Starter (#400903, 400906 or 400904)
OTHER – Nature’s Select Lawn Seed, MaxLawn 10-10-10
(#055689 or #055690), Nature’s Select Lawn Starter Food
(#5000140), Maxlawn New Lawn Starter (#073858)
ORGANIC/NATURAL – Monty’s (#5000123 or #5000124)

I usually get crabgrass in my lawn every year!

Answer: The best time to address is in early spring, using a pre-emergent.

Suggested Solutions
VPG – Ferti-lome Crabgrass (#400907 or #400910), Hi-Yield
Crabgrass Control (#432017 or 432019), Hi-Yield Crabgrass
Preventer w/ Fertilizer (#433407)
OTHER – Award Crabgrass Team Pro (# 055692), MaxLawn
Crabgrass (#073851)

I would like to non-selectivly kill everything in an area...naturally

Suggested Solutions
VPG – Ferti-lome Weed Out with Q – NEW (Pt. #10030, RTU
#10035, RTS #10031)
BONIDE – Crabgrass Plus (RTS #087066).

Moles are destroying my lawn and I've got to do something

Answer: There are many great options!

Suggested Solutions – Granular Controls
BONIDE – Mole Max (#087692)
OTHER – BMC Mole No More (#055001)

Suggested Solutions – Liquid Controls
VPG – Ferti-lome MoleGo (#400317)
BONIDE – Mole Max RTS (#087690)
OTHER – Repellex Mole Vole Gopher (#5001017)

Suggested Solutions – Other Controls
VPG – Hi-Yield Mole & Gopher Bait (#433141)
BONIDE – Moletox (#087692)
OTHER – Giant Destroyer (#000899), Motomco Mole Killer (#000880)
or Mole Eliminator (#054189)

Is there systemic control for insects I can use on my trees & shrubs?

Answer: Yes, Prince Corporation offers systemic control for insects on trees and shrubs.

Suggested Solutions – LIQUID
VPG – Ferti-lome Tree & Shrub Drench (#400205, #400206, #400207)
BONIDE – Annual Tree (#609, #611)

Suggested Solutions – GRANULAR
VPG – Ferti-lome Tree & Shrub Granular (#400320)

I am new to vegetable gardening and animals are destroying my garden

Answer: There are many great options!

Suggested Solutions
BONIDE – Hot Pepper Repellent RTU (#087127), Repels All Granular (#1155,
#1157, #1159), Rabbit & Deer RTU (#087232)
OTHER – BMC Rabbit No More (#055002), Repellex Fruit & Vegetable
(#5001027) Shake Away Products