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Prince Corporation’s Return Policy


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All claims for shortages, errors or damage in shipment must be noted on the ticket at the time of delivery.
Any concealed damage must be reported within 48 hours.
All merchandise returns must be authorized in advance by a Prince Corporation employee.



It is the policy of Prince Corporation to accept merchandise returned from our customers. All returned
merchandise must be in salable condition, clean and free from damage.
1. Salable condition means a condition you would accept if the merchandise were shipped to you.
2. All returns must be accompanied by the invoice number.
3. The following restocking and processing charges will apply on all returned merchandise.
a) Merchandise returned within 30 days of invoice date will be assessed a 15% processing and restocking charge (invoice cost less 15%).
b) Merchandise returned after 30 days but within 90 days of invoice date will be assessed a 25% processing and restocking charge (invoice cost less 25%).
4. At time of delivery, any shortages, errors or damage in shipment must be noted by the driver on the delivery ticket.
5. Once merchandise is signed for, any concealed damage must be reported within 48 hours.
6. Returns will not be allowed under the following conditions:
a) Merchandise older than 90 days.
b) Non-stock special order materials.
c) Merchandise not in salable condition.
The intent of these guidelines is to expedite and streamline the process of issuing credit for returned merchandise and reduce the overall cost of returning merchandise.