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America’s Favorite Lawn Seed

Plan your perfect lawn today with America’s Favorite Lawn Seed. Click the images below to see different features, colors, textures, soil requirements, tolerances, and establishment rates for each of the seeds. America’s Favorite Lawn Seed is sure to have the right seed for any project.

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Nature's Select Thistle (Nyjer) Packaging

Royal Blue Mound® Elite Sun Lawn Seed

The most popular premium mix. Excellent for starting new lawns or revitalizing existing ones. If seeded properly under correct conditions, expect a beautiful, permanent lawn in one season!

Nature's Select Peanuts Packaging

Fast & Tuff® Lawn Seed

Excellent for establishing a dense, beautiful turf quickly. Outstanding for overseeding sodded & disease problem lawns. A quality looking lawn.

Nature's Select Safflower Packaging

Rainbo Elite Shade® Lawn Seed

The most popular shade mix. Performs well in shade or sun & shade. Grows well in areas that are difficult to get grass to grow because of shade. For extremely dense shade & high moisture, double the seeding rate.

Nature's Select Sunflower Packaging

Landscaper Sun & Shade Lawn Seed

The perfect value-priced lawn seed mix for sun or light shade. Seed a new lawn or overseed an existing lawn. Great for a nice looking permanent lawn.

Nature's Select Safflower Packaging

Low Maintenance Lawn Seed

This seed is great for establishing a lawn in areas where you don’t want to mow, water & fertilize on a regular basis. Can be over-seeded with bluegrass or rye grass for improved turf quality at any time!

Nature's Select Sunflower Packaging

Rough & Tuff Athletic Lawn Mix

is an inexpensive, tough mix that provides permanent grass. Good on steep embankments or on any lawn where a coarse width grass is desirable. Good cover for difficult sites.

Nature's Select Safflower Packaging

All Purpose Patch Lawn Seed

This lawn seed is an economical fast start fescue/bluegrass mix. Good for filling in bare spots or seeding in areas where a durable, but coarse, turf carpet is desired.

Nature's Select Sunflower Packaging

Jaguar 4 Turf Type Fescue Lawn Seed

is a premier turf type fescue bred for beauty and helps to lower maintenance costs. Great for high traffic areas.

Nature's Select Safflower Packaging

KY-31 Tall Fescue Lawn Seed

This is a deep rooted bunch grass good for erosion control on roadsides, pond dams, or pastures. Provides a durable extremely hardy turf.

Nature's Select Sunflower Packaging

Champion 3+3 Fescue Blend Lawn Seed

This blend has six of the top rated turf type fescues. Deep rooting and formulated for Midwest lawns.

Nature's Select Safflower Packaging

True Blue Grass Blend Seed

This blend features a dark green color developed by three highly rated Bluegrass varieties.