Our new reward program helps you achieve your sales and profitability goals by simply continuing to buy from Prince. This tiered pricing program is specifically designed to provide you with lower costs, the more you buy from Prince.


How it Works
Based on your latest 52-week total dollar spend of all sales with Prince, you will be placed in one of five pricing tiers.

  • Everyday pricing, booking programs, monthly specials, Show Programs and vendor rebates will be based on your Tier.
  • Reward applied with every order – no waiting for them to accumulate.
  • Performance reviewed monthly. If you increase sales and improve tier you move up at once, if sales are down, you have 3 months to improve sales before moving down a tier.
  • Maximize buying power with more vendors.
  • Thresholds will be adjusted for inflation.

Let Prince be your primary distributor!

With 17,000+ available items, we have everything you need for your breeds, feeds, seeds and weeds.

Purchase all of your Lawn & Garden, Pet, Gift & Grower, Wild Bird, Agriculture and Pet items from Prince and SAVE! Not only will you save on overall product costs, but also via improved efficiencies and reduced labor costs through fewer deliveries to accept, invoices to pay and distributors to manage.


Every month, based on your latest 52-week total dollar spend of all sales with Prince

Yes. Performance will be reviewed monthly based on your then previous 52-week spend with Prince. Should that annual spend not meet the floor of your current assigned tier level, you will have 3 months to rectify (based on your then previous 52-week spend). If, after 3 months, you still haven’t achieved the floor of your assigned tier level, you will be relegated to the tier below (i.e.: higher pricing).

Absolutely. Every month, your latest 52-week total dollar spend will be evaluated. At that time, if you meet the floor of the next tier up from your current assigned tier level, you will be immediately moved to that tier and afforded the further-reduced pricing of that tier.

Yes. We plan to adjust the tiers accordingly based on then current market conditions as well as the entire customer portfolio.

We understand that this happens on occasion, but it was inevitable in our effort to streamline pricing across our customer and product portfolio. Further, we are extremely confident that if you allow Prince to fulfill as much as possible everything you carry which we also stock, that your overall annual product costs will be reduced from previous year, regardless of where you previously procured those same items (i.e.: another distributor).

No. ALL items, to include drop-ship and nursery stock items booked and invoiced through Prince, count toward your overall annual spend.

Dropship orders invoiced through Prince count towards your total dollar spend with Prince, but do not qualify for the tiered level price discount.

We are well aware of this potential dynamic, and as such, we are encouraging all of our valued customers to share their annual unit volumes (by SKU/vendor; combined, regardless if any of the same item was procured from multiple distributors) with their Prince Sales Representative. We will then utilize this collective unit volume data to adjust our purchasing accordingly, as we expect this program to drive demand, and we want to have for our valued customers as much product available to ship, in the quantities needed/when it’s needed, as possible.

*Program subject to change without notice